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From your first school dance to your first heartbreak— we’ve all experienced the minor triumphs and tragedies of those awkward teen years. While some of us can stow away those days in a long forgotten diary, others are living that experience right now and online. With ubiquitous connectivity, on demand information and digital social norms, teens are navigating an already bumpy experience in a whole new context. 

At Headstream, we believe this new digital world, though complex, has all the right ingredients to enable healthy social development and wellbeing. The questions, looming over teenagers today are still more or less the same - What do I care about? Do people like me? Who are my friends? Should I go to college? Am I doing enough to succeed? - but the constant connection to technology has changed how teens think about and answer these questions as they grow up. 

Our challenge, the Headstream Challenge, seeks to find avenues to source and accelerate a cohort of innovators and an ecosystem that rethinks and reshapes social technologies to support teen wellbeing. The Headstream innovators have the ability to inspire and spark a much larger community to harness and shape the future of social technologies.  Every young person deserves to experience the rich and positive digital places that give us so much hope.