Where youth professionals actively shape national youth well-being efforts.
Program Overview

Youth Professionals

Our initiative brought together a select group of seven talented youth alumni who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people.

Passionate Partnerships:

We partnered with two dynamic organizations, Going Digital Behavioral Health and Digital Harbor Foundation, who share our commitment to amplifying youth voices and integrating them into their work.

Collaborative Learning:

Over the course of a 3-month program, our participants engaged in a series of workshops designed to foster collaboration and co-creation.


Our youth professionals were divided into two teams, each working closely with one of our partner organizations. Together, they worked to influence and shape the direction of projects, ensuring youth voices were at the forefront of innovation.

Meet Our Partners

What do they do?

They are the leading community for health plans, employers, providers, and tech companies to advance access to mental health services through technology and innovation by hosting a Health conference.

Impact of Working with the Youth Consultants
  • Explored how the biggest power players in healthcare systems can invest in better youth mental health resources.

  • Designed how youth experiences can be heard, and how a youth-centered strategy can lead to actionable change for healthcare providers.

  • Co-designed a workshop for the Going Digital Behavioral Health Conference and a commitment strategy to ensure that young people are involved in health tech innovation.

After joining the Y2I Consulting program, my organization is more able to create better solutions that include youth voice
- Solome Tibebu, Founder of Going Digital
What do they do?

The Digital Equity Youth Advisory Council Project, led by Digital Harbor Foundation and Youth Jobs Connect was focused on bringing youth participation into state digital equity design and plans.

Impact of Working with the Youth Consultants
  • Identified opportunities to ensure youth voice and participation are included in each state's digital equity planning process.

  • Created a youth co-creation guide for stakeholders in each state to use.

  • Assisted in highlighting ways to include meaningful youth engagement for states and territories.

This experience helps me influence my clients or stakeholders to develop youth-centered products or programs.
– Mitali Chakraborty, Founder of Youth Jobs Connect

Meet our
youth Consultants