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Through the Youth Collective, we don't just collaborate with young people; we elevate them to new heights, helping them boost their confidence, celebrate their cultural diversity, and unlock their creativity, especially BIPOC, Latino, and LGTBQIA+ communities

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In the movement to nurture a generation of confident, culturally enriched, and creative young leaders who are shaping a safer digital world for our collective future

Introducing the Co-Creator Club, a dynamic 5-month virtual program with the objective of positioning BIPOC, Latinos, and LGBTQIA+ youth as co-designers of digital products. As a co-creator joining our club, you will receive:

stipend to support your participation in the program
with the Headstream Accelerator innovators to create impactful tech solutions
curated workshops that spark creativity and forge strong friendships
your imagination to drive innovation

The impact of our work


youth professionals have participated in Headstream


at YouTube, Twitch, and State Digital Equity boards have been created


user-centered and inclusive products have been co-designed with Headstream’s innovators

12 out of 24

youth professionals either secured an internship or a part-time job or found a mentor

16 of 24

youth advisors consider their participation with Headstream a great addition to their college application


of innovators improved their approach to target BIPOC, Latino, and LGBTQIA+ youth communities through the youth programs

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The most significant change I experienced from my participation in Y2I is the strengthening of my leadership skills and confidence.
-Y2I Advisor, Maryam Zoweil
Our work with Headstream youth made us totally rethink our privacy policies
-Roblox, Youtube.
We created our first bibliotherapy demo with the support of our youth advisors.
-Youme Healthcare, Hafeezah Muhammad

How to get involved

Are you a young person interested in improving the digital world and advocating for your generation?
Join the waitlist to be a co-creator in 2025 and stay tuned for more news!
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Are you an individual, or organization working directly with young people and who are dedicated to improving their mental and emotional well-being?
Work with us!
Register Here
Are you an edtech, digital health, or social tech company wanting to collaborate and/or co-create with young people?
Work with us!
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Get Inspired:
Meet our Alumni
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Past programs

Youth Consultant Program

A 3-month program that empowered youth professionals to serve as consultants for national-level organizations dedicated to improving youth well-being. This initiative enabled them to actively participate in co-creation and influence key stakeholders, including state policymakers and healthcare providers.

Learn More

Collab Lab

A two-month program that united six young talents with tech professionals from the largest social media and gaming companies like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook to create a safer online space within the tech sector.

Learn More

Y2I Incubator

Our 3-month virtual Incubator program empowered young talents to bring their digital ideas to life. Six teenagers across the US received lectures and hands-on experience in mental wellness, inclusive design, business essentials, and purposeful design.

Headstream has continuously sought opportunities to provide platforms for young people to be thought leaders and to integrate their ideas with organizations that value their contributions. Here are some of the partners we have worked with:

Apply Today and Become a Co-Creator in 2024!

The Co-Creator Club is a 5-month virtual program that aims to empower BIPOC, Latinos, and LGBTQIA+ youth to play an integral role in shaping digital products. Through this initiative, we are harnessing the collective wisdom gained from our past initiatives. When you become a co-creator and join our club, you'll enjoy the following benefits


  • Financial Support: Get a $2000 stipend for your active participation in a 5-month virtual program 
  • Co-create: Work with innovators who are crafting a digital product dedicated to enhancing teen wellness in one of the three key domains: social technology, education tech, and digital health 
  • Explore: Dive into meaningful dialogues with your innovators, delivering purposeful feedback to ensure their innovations resonate, engage, and genuinely serve youth
  • Grow: Immerse yourself in the Headstream community, actively engaging in workshops and embracing a growth mindset as you journey through your role as a youth co-creator
  • Inspire: Let your experience inspire you to sculpt the future you envision 
  • Lead: Cultivate invaluable skills and assets, equipping you to become a respected thought leader offering perspective and value to your community 

Participant’s Expectations

  • To be responsive within 48 hours to your innovator or a member of the Headstream team
  • Complete any pre or post-work provided by your innovators or Headstream team
  • Speak your mind, share constructive be upfront with your feedback, and freely express and share your thoughts on the innovation
  • Forge meaningful connections and build strong relationships with your innovator
  • Bring yourself and your enthusiasm to the program, fully engaging as a member of the vibrant Headstream community
  • Embrace open-mindedness and foster empathic connections and dialogue with fellow youth co-creators
  • Come with your passions, experiences, and ideas, ready to spark positive changes and enhance the youth experience in digital spaces

Time Commitment: 7-8 hours total

  • (1 hour) Weekly Workshops: Engage in various activities such as building leadership skills, co-creating with an innovator, participating in roundtable discussions, or attending workshops.
  • (1.5/monthly) Independent Work: We recommend dedicating a minimum of 1.5 hours per month for pre and post-work that we send out via email.
  • (1-2 hours/weekly) Thought Leadership Activities: Participate in panels, contribute to discussions, or share your insights with the Headstream community. 
  • Additional Opportunities: Open to you according to your personal desire!

Join Us If You Are

  • Somebody who not only meets expectations but loves to push boundaries with their ideas
  • A hard worker with a sprinkle of curiosity, color, and vibrancy with a dash of love for learning and making an impact
  • You don’t have to be the social butterfly of the group, you just gotta be your authentic self
  • A dedicated team player who's always up for the challenge
  • An optimist, seeing the digital realm as the playground for a brighter future in teen well-being
  • Always ready to dive headfirst into brainstorming, ready to cook up some wildly innovative and imaginative ideas
  • Fearless in voicing their opinions - we want to let's hear what's on your mind!
  • Maybe you have an interest in being a creator or want to learn more about entrepreneurship, innovation, the future of technology, and overall youth wellness


  • Young people from all backgrounds (ages 13-19)
  • Currently reside in the U.S.
  • High school and college students are welcome to apply


November 13th, 2023
Co-Creator Club
Application Opens
December 22nd, 2023
Co-Creator Club
Application Closes
Dec 22 - Jan 22, 2024
January 23rd, 2024
New Cohort
February 5th, 2024
June 28th, 2024
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